Madrona 2007

Yup, there were a few glitches in the Madrona Fiber Arts registration system, but they seem to be cleared up now and on the second time around I got most of the classes I wanted. I'm doing the classes on knitting different shapes on double-pointed needles, double knitting, and intarsia. The latter two are with Lucy Neatby, I have one of her DVDs and like it so I was glad to get into her classes. I know nothing about Margaret Radcliffe, the instructor for knitting shapes, other than what I've read on the Madrona site.

I'll hang around the rest of the time and watch people and go to the market etc. I've never actually been to a fiber arts festival before so I don't know what to expect; fortunately I'm going with a couple of friends. It should be fun!

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