Colourwork Tigers

OK, I didn't get the yarn tails woven in, the swatches are still sitting on the board waiting for me. Just too much else going on. But I did cast on a new project - the Tiger Hat. I need to figure out colourwork for one of the TKGA swatches, and knitting a cute hat seems like a good way to do so. I don't know who it's for, that will depend on what size it ends up! I cast on today during a phone call where I didn't have to take notes, and will knit further over the weekend. I wonder how long it will take, I've always been a little scared to tackle colourwork, ever since I tried a project that with hindsight was way over my head some years ago. I can double-knit with one yarn in each hand, so colourwork shouldn't be too hard, right?

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