Frogged Tiger

I did a fair amount of knitting on the tiger hat over the weekend and it became obvious it would be far too small for either of my kids, at 40 cm diameter (unstretched, but it didn't stretch enough either). So I frogged it. I had done swatches in the yarn, but not in pattern; I guess this just means I knit colourwork a lot more tightly than plain colours, which I'll have to remember in future. I'll try going up a couple of needle sizes and see what that looks like, but probably not today.

2 thoughts on “Frogged Tiger

  1. Louisa

    Aakkk!!! Did you actually go home and frog all that Tiger after you left here? Poor thing! LOL! However you did learn a lot about colourwork knitting as you went so I’m sure it will be much better the second time around. It’s the process that counts – though the product is always nice too!

  2. lauren Post author

    Yup, I did frog it. I’d only started Friday and then did some knitting yesterday and today, so it didn’t seem like I’d invested a huge amount of time in it, which made it easier to decide to just start over again. And it was quite fun. I’m going to look at my Lucy Neatby DVD on colourwork before I start again though, and see what tips I can pick up.


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