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I found myself adding sites to my bookmarks list, and then thought, how silly. It's not much more work to blog them, and then others might be interested as well. So here is a listing of a few web sites with knitting techniques of various sorts. The order is reverse alphabetical.

Technique discussions and illustrations for more advanced knitters. Good if you want to know the pros and cons of different techniques, could be a little overwhelming. Best read with knitting pins (needles) and yarn in hand, to try things out.
I found this one when looking for a tutorial on shaping necklines with short rows. Tutorials on changing designs, intarsia knitting, i-cord, etc.
This is a complete book, online or available on CD. There are over 38,000 words and 300+ custom knitted illustrations adding up to the equivalent of more than 190 letter-sized pages contained within. Lots of colour photos, which is good.
Lots of videos on all sorts of knitting techniques, illustrated in both continental and English knitting styles.

Of course, I have multiple books as well, but sometimes one of these sites puts things in a different way that makes more sense.

One thought on “Knitting Technique sites

  1. tammy

    That’s very cool! I’d never seen the Studio Knits site before. Very useful, thank you! Also, did you see their crochet slipper patterns? So cute.


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