Not My Day

Today was just Not My Day. It started with the toddler spilling my orange juice at breakfast, then my mother is stuck in a house in Saskatchewan with a blizzard blowing. Not even my knitting went well, since I had to frog the second version of the TKGA level 1 hat twice. I had almost finished the first version when I noticed I had the colours round the wrong way, and given that part of the test is whether you can read a pattern correctly, I couldn't send in that version. On the second version I forgot the increases in the last ribbing row and had already cut the yarn. On to the next try, where I found I'd twisted the join after knitting two rounds, this after casting on a number of times to get the long-tail cast-on in pattern to work out right. Sigh. At least it was the Ravelry get-together today, so I could knit and drink coffee while making my mistakes on the second version of the hat, and it was sunny this afternoon, contrary to the weather forecast. The weather forecast for Saskatchewan for the rest of the week is better, so my parents should be able to get out of the house tomorrow. Maybe my knitting brain will do better tomorrow as well.

One thought on “Not My Day

  1. Louisa

    There’s always so much going on at a meet-up that it’s easy to make mistakes. I spent the whole time frogging my mistake (that I’d made BEFORE I went) and then knitting back up and one row past where I’d started. So much for completing the darn thing! However remember it’s the process that counts, right? Sure. Uh-huh.

    Hope 3rd time was lucky!


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