It's Saturday, and the boy is reading, the toddler amusing herself with this and that, and just maybe I'll have time to finish this post.

Somewhat later, after responding to toddler demands for a second breakfast...

I've finished the main knitting on the Baby Ull roses cardigan. I want to soak and block the body before cutting the armhole steeks, to see how much of the "embossing" effect I can get rid of. And at the moment I don't have the energy for all that and then the finishing, so it's resting. In the meantime I cast on for the Niebling Yahoo group KAL, the birch catkins doily. It's reasonably easy to knit so far (mind you, I'm only up to round 31); all the hints the group had have helped with that. I find I'm getting into the "one more round" trap of wanting to keep knitting, just to watch it grow. I can see why knitting Niebling doilies seems to be addictive, judging by the people on the list. Ours is not really a doily house, so I have no idea what to do with it once I have it finished. I guess that makes me a process knitter, at least for these.

Susanna Hansson is coming to town at the end of September, and I've signed up for the workshop. It calls for "Knitters with experience making mittens and doing complex colour work"; given I've only done the one stranded piece and never knitted mittens, I guess I should knit a pair before then! I'm thinking of the endpaper mitts, or maybe the new ones from Knitting Daily, depending on what I have in my stash.

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