TKGA Level 1 Swatches

I finally got around to getting the swatch photos off my camera, and doing the minor colour correction and cropping needed to put them online. So here you are, documentary evidence. The swatches were the most interesting part of the whole thing, I thought, so it wasn't a big problem to reknit them as required. Except for the seed stitch swatch, number 3, which was a slog.

level 1 project - hat level 1 project - hat
Swatches 1 - 3 Swatches 1 - 3
Swatches 4 - 6 Swatches 4 - 6
Swatches 7 - 9 Swatches 7 - 9
Swatches 10 - 12 Swatches 10 - 12
Swatches 13 - 15 Swatches 13 - 15
Back of swatch 16 Back of swatch 16
Front of swatch 16 Front of swatch 16

3 thoughts on “TKGA Level 1 Swatches

  1. Lauren

    Yep, I’m a little nervous, wondering what the results will be. Knitting the swatches was fun, since if you do something wrong you haven’t wrecked something that took ages to do. So I could try things out more easily. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to call the swatches exciting, mind you, but thanks for saying they are!


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