Finished Roses

I guess I fall into the category of "Fearless Knitter", as otherwise I wouldn't have made my first major stranded project a steeked cardigan in superwash wool. In my defense, I did pick something for my daughter, so it's a lot smaller than one for me would have been.

The pattern is the 13502 Cardigan by Dale Design from the Dale of Norway leaflet Dalegarn #135: Designs for Baby. I blogged about it in June 2008 as Roses Cardigan, and I've just realised I didn't blog about finishing it. The stumbling block to finishing it, it turns out, was getting the sewing machine out to sew the steeks. To start with I couldn't see where I was stitching and eventually I used a contrasting thread to baste the line first. I couldn't get it all out after sewing on top of it, but it was covered by the crochet edging anyway, so isn't visible.

Yarn: Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Baby Ull. 2 skeins of dark blue, 4 skeins of light blue, 1 skein of yellow-gold, and 1 skein of dark green.

Needles:3.25 mm

Modifications: none

Comments: The pattern made sense and has little shaping, so it's an easy first stranded project. There is a small amount of back and forth knitting, which requires patterning while purling. It looks much better after blocking. My daughter loves the cardigan, and it's often the only warm item we can get her to wear. I managed to find some cute elephant buttons in the right colour and size. Elephants don't really go with roses, but nobody has complained so far.

Ravelry link: Baby Ull Cardigan

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