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Shawl Dreaming

I decided to make the dayflower daydream shawl for a friend when she got pregnant. My idea was that it might be a christening shawl, if she didn't already have one. My mother was of the opinion that white was the right colour for babies, and she had given me some yarn that I think she had originally intended to use to knit something for mine. There wasn't enough for the complete shawl, but I found a different yarn that was close enough that you can only tell the difference in a really good light. It was important to me to use that yarn from my mother for something that would be loved and appreciated.

My friend did love the shawl when I gave it to her, and used it to bring the baby home from the hospital in. It's warm, light, and machine-washable.

I took the photos while the shawl was blocking. I haven't figured out how to photograph large objects yet, so you get a bunch of photos of parts of it. It looks quite a lot like the photos in the published pattern, so you can get an idea there how the whole thing looks.

Learning experience notes: I should have thought about how to make the final grafting easier before beginning the edge. There are techniques for this (such as knitting a couple of rows in scrap yarn before beginning) that would have helped. It took a lot of work to make the graft anywhere close to invisible.

Yarn: Patons Australia Dreamtime 4ply, 6 skeins @ 25g/75m per skein and Rowan Pure Wool 4ply, a bit under 3 skeins @ 50g/160m per skein

Needles: US 3 / 3.25 mm

Pattern: Dayflower Daydream by Eugen Beugler, published in "Best of Knitter's Shawls and Scarves"

Modifications: none

Comments: The first parts of this shawl are interesting, figuring out the construction. Towards the end it starts to get a little boring.

Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/laurendw/dayflower-daydream