One of the things I've noticed while doing the research for the TKGA Level 1 is that cast-ons are often given different names in the various reference books. I figured it would be useful for me, and maybe for others, to list the cast-ons I used, what names they're known under in the books I've looked at, and any notes. Of course, this is really only useful if you have at least one of the books, for which I make no apologies.

Knitter's Stanley Vogue Notes
knit, p40 knitted, p73, fig 2.27 knitting-on, p27 a bit lacy and loose, but quick and you don't waste any yarn
cable, p40 cable, p75, fig 2.35 cable, p26 firmer than knit cast-on; my default.
thumb, p67, fig 2.9 double cast-on - thumb, p 25 similar results to long tail
long tail, knit, p38 German, p68, fig 2.12 double cast-on, p25 looks best when followed by a purl row
long tail, purl, p39 combine with knit version for in-pattern cast-ons
tubular, p42 two-strand tubular, p78, fig 2.41 good for k1, p1 rib or seed stitch
stockinette-stitch tubular cast-on, p79, fig 2.44 tubular: version B, p 27 use for k1, p1 rib

I think it's an interesting comparison. No wonder it's sometimes hard to figure out what knitters actually mean by any given term.



The Knitter's Handbook: Essential Skills & Helpful Hints from Knitter's Magazine, 2005, XRX Books.


Knitter's Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Handknitting, Montse Stanley, 1993, Reader's Digest.


Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, 2002, Sixth & Spring Books

2 thoughts on “Cast-Ons

  1. Catherine

    Thank you for your summary of the different names for the different cast ons. Sometimes it does get confusing. I got a little crazy figuring out the different names for the same the increases.

    I found your blog looking at the pictures of level 1 swatches. Congratulations on getting them in. I just finished the Basics course and will start order level 1 soon. I don’t know that I’ll rush through it, I’m thinking of giving myself a year!

  2. Lauren

    Thanks! I’m a little nervous, wondering what the results will be. It took me almost a year to do the whole thing. I found it worthwhile, but I’m not going to rush into Level 2.


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