Inspiration 5443

I've been knitting for most of my life, except for a long gap in the 1990s. I took it up again about 3 years ago and, due in no little part to Eve's encouragement, am going to start showing off some of what I've done and am doing. Maybe blogging will even encourage me to finish things sooner - I tend to do most of a piece but not get around to finishing it for some time.

my version of 5443 pattern view of 5443 All that being said, here's my first blog entry on the subject of crafts, my version of item 5443 in a pattern book called Inspiration 75. One would think that a book that calls itself "inspiration" could come up with inspired names for the patterns within it, rather than just numbers. In the book the top looks like the image on the left. Instead of the recommended yarn, I used Schoeller's Micro-Cablé in colour 23 (yet another uninspired name). Tim took the photo of the results on a mini-golf course in Maui, hence the "shot on location" look.

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