Malabrigo Koolhaas

My Ravelry notes show I finished this on April 20th, so I guess it's about time I blogged it and put up a picture. I have a few other projects to blog about as well; maybe this will break the logjam.

Koolhaas hat in Malabrigo

The pattern as written works up to 16" unstretched, which I decided wouldn't look good when stretched to fit my 23" head. It took a bit of swatching until I ended up with 5.5 mm needles, which result in a nice feel to the fabric in that crossed cable pattern. It ended up 18” in circumference, and stretches to 26”, which fits comfortably. If I make another one for me, I'll do the extra repeat for the men’s size, as this one only just covers my ears.

I like the colour, and the pattern, but I don't think they go together all that well; the colour changes override the pattern. If I knit it again I'll knit it in a solid colour, and save the kettle-dyed yarns for a plainer pattern, like a brioche stitch or fishermen's rib. You can see the difference on the designer's site (or Ravelry).

It's rated an intermediate project, which is probably fair. I found it a fairly straightforward knit; you do have to pay attention in the decrease instructions and it helps if you can cable without a cable needle, but nothing in the pattern is particularly difficult or hard to understand.

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