Bohus and Rovaniemi

This weekend was a busy one, knitting-wise. The West Coast Knitters Guild brought Susanna Hansson to town for two workshops, one on Bohus knitting and the other on the lapland mittens from Rovaniemi. I enjoyed both classes though the second one spoke to me more. The Bohus garments are gorgeous, the Rovaniemi technique somehow rustic and alive. Lots of other people have blogged about the workshops in more detail than I have energy for right now; suffice to say that if you're interested in fine-gauge colour-work knitting, either or both classes would be fun.

And now it's back to the sweater I'm knitting for Jean Wong's Level 2 knitting class (no, not the Nihon Vogue, I don't have time for that, this is the abbreviated version), so I won't be finishing the wristlets any time soon, unfortunately. Oh well, that's life. So much knitting, so little time.

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