Selbu KAL

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged here. I've been doing a lot of knitting, just not blogging about it. Given it's so long ago, I've forgotten most of the details about the Selbu KAL the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers group on Ravelry did. We started April 1 (apart from those who started early, and those who started late, of course) and I finished mine on April 23. It's a nice, straight-forward knit, even if (like me) you haven't knitted a stranded hat before. I made it out of DK yarn I had around.

The photo on the right is a little closer to the true colour.

Selbu hat Selbu hat

Yarn: King Cole Anti-Tickle Merino in turquoise and black

Needles: 2.0 mm ribbing and 3.0 mm body

Pattern: Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon

Modifications: None

Comments: it's less of a beret and a more of a hat on my head. If I made it again and wanted a beret, I'd need to make it a lot larger.

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