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TKGA Level 1 Swatches

I finally got around to getting the swatch photos off my camera, and doing the minor colour correction and cropping needed to put them online. So here you are, documentary evidence. The swatches were the most interesting part of the whole thing, I thought, so it wasn't a big problem to reknit them as required. Except for the seed stitch swatch, number 3, which was a slog.

level 1 project - hat level 1 project - hat
Swatches 1 - 3 Swatches 1 - 3
Swatches 4 - 6 Swatches 4 - 6
Swatches 7 - 9 Swatches 7 - 9
Swatches 10 - 12 Swatches 10 - 12
Swatches 13 - 15 Swatches 13 - 15
Back of swatch 16 Back of swatch 16
Front of swatch 16 Front of swatch 16

Swatches and Yarns

I signed up for TKGA's Master Knitting Level 1. So far it's been more absorbing than I expected, and I'm only doing the swatches! I'll get to the questions and report later. I've been practising cast-ons and increases trying to get them to look right before doing the final swatch. In a way it's a lot freer than knitting a real project, these little swatches don't take long but they do take concentration.

Now I'm wondering whether I'm using the right yarn. The LYS I went into to get yarn only really had Mission Falls 1824 wool in a light-coloured worsted weight superwash, and it doesn't seem to hold the stitch definition very well. And it looks horrible if I need to frog or tink it. I don't have anything light-coloured in worsted weight in my stash; it's all darker or double knitting weight. Or something other than wool, and I want to use superwash wool as it blocks up nicely.

My current plan is to knit a couple more swatches and see how they look after blocking, and if need be I'll redo in something else. And at some stage I need to take some photos and post them and see if I can get comments on how to improve them before submitting...