Christmas Hoodie

Another in the catching up series, from last year's Christmas knitting. My mother lives on a farm in Saskatchewan, where it gets to -30 C, and feels colder with a wind. Layers of things that can be machine washed and dried are called for there, so I knitted her this hoodie. I don't usually knit much with acrylic, but sometimes the easy-care nature is important.

Christmas Hoodie

Yarn: Bernat Satin Solids, just under two skeins

Needles: US 7 / 4.5 mm

Pattern: Mystery Hoodie with Neckwarmer by Terry Morris, from the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo Group

Modifications: none

Comments: a quick, easy knit

Dates: Started November 14 2008, completed November 22 2008

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Brown Sweater

I recently realised that I have a lot of projects on my Ravelry pages that aren't blogged. So I'm going to put in a few postings to catch up. Since it's some time since I knitted these, details are likely to be sketchy, but at least I'll have the photos in place.

First up is a sweater I knitted for my husband in Jean Wong's Level 2 knitting class (a simplified version of the Nihon Vogue course). The requirements are for a round-neck sweater; my husband picked the yarn colour and the simple k3, p1 rib pattern. The rest was customised to his measurements. The ribbing around the neck, waist, and arms is k1p1 on smaller needles.

I used Elann's Coto Canapone, a cotton/hemp yarn that shrinks when washed. Fortunately you do things properly for knitting class, so I did wash and block the gauge swatch. I made the body a little too long but am hoping it will shrink a little when washed again. I also made the ribbing around the neckline a little too deep; next time I'd make it only half the width. The yarn is hard on your hands while knitting, but does knit up really nicely and should wear well (my husband is hard on clothes). It's also a reasonable price, and is machine-washable.

Yarn: Elann Coto Canapone, 20 skeins

Needles: 3.5 for the body, 3.25 for the ribbing

Pattern: my own, based on k3p1 rib for the boddy and k1p1 ribbing

Comments: the yarn shrinks when washed

Dates: Started September 13 2008, completed November 12 2008

Ravelry link:

Brown Men's Sweater

Brown Men's Sweater

Diamonds Cardigan

This cardigan was my project for my Level 4 finishing class with Jean Wong. The finishing classes are a less hectic and less formal version of the Nihon Vogue course, which still teach a lot about design and techniques. Level 4 is meant to be a round-neck cardigan, so I decided I wanted to add argyle-style diamonds to it. Some amount of design and swatching later, I got as far as the photos show.

And haven't got any further, since I'm working on another project. Much of my knitting time is while watching TV, or at a knitting meet-up, and somehow duplicate stitch and seaming don't go as well with those activities as the more mindless knitting itself. Particularly as they both need good light.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get some more done. Or maybe not.

Diamonds cardigan, frontDiamonds cardigan, backDiamonds cardigan, frontDiamonds cardigan, bottom front

Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 7 skeins of main colour and 2 each of the contrast colours. The bottom photos have the most accurate colours.

Needles: 4.0 mm (body), 3.75 mm (bottom ribbing), 3.5 mm (sleeve ribbing), 3.25 mm (neckband and front bands)

Pattern: my own

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Selbu KAL

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged here. I've been doing a lot of knitting, just not blogging about it. Given it's so long ago, I've forgotten most of the details about the Selbu KAL the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers group on Ravelry did. We started April 1 (apart from those who started early, and those who started late, of course) and I finished mine on April 23. It's a nice, straight-forward knit, even if (like me) you haven't knitted a stranded hat before. I made it out of DK yarn I had around.

The photo on the right is a little closer to the true colour.

Selbu hat Selbu hat

Yarn: King Cole Anti-Tickle Merino in turquoise and black

Needles: 2.0 mm ribbing and 3.0 mm body

Pattern: Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon

Modifications: None

Comments: it's less of a beret and a more of a hat on my head. If I made it again and wanted a beret, I'd need to make it a lot larger.

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Finished Roses

I guess I fall into the category of "Fearless Knitter", as otherwise I wouldn't have made my first major stranded project a steeked cardigan in superwash wool. In my defense, I did pick something for my daughter, so it's a lot smaller than one for me would have been.

The pattern is the 13502 Cardigan by Dale Design from the Dale of Norway leaflet Dalegarn #135: Designs for Baby. I blogged about it in June 2008 as Roses Cardigan, and I've just realised I didn't blog about finishing it. The stumbling block to finishing it, it turns out, was getting the sewing machine out to sew the steeks. To start with I couldn't see where I was stitching and eventually I used a contrasting thread to baste the line first. I couldn't get it all out after sewing on top of it, but it was covered by the crochet edging anyway, so isn't visible.

Yarn: Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Baby Ull. 2 skeins of dark blue, 4 skeins of light blue, 1 skein of yellow-gold, and 1 skein of dark green.

Needles:3.25 mm

Modifications: none

Comments: The pattern made sense and has little shaping, so it's an easy first stranded project. There is a small amount of back and forth knitting, which requires patterning while purling. It looks much better after blocking. My daughter loves the cardigan, and it's often the only warm item we can get her to wear. I managed to find some cute elephant buttons in the right colour and size. Elephants don't really go with roses, but nobody has complained so far.

Ravelry link: Baby Ull Cardigan